On Peace Hikes we become one with nature.

We see wonder all around us and within.

I love my digital camera for a couple reasons. I like it because I get to view the still image captured right after I click my shutter. I also like it, because digital photography is great...you can click a couple hundred pictures and out of that you are bound to get a couple good images. (I am too cheap to do that with film...;o)

Having said that, I am usually stimulated to take a picture, because I am witness to a miracle.

I believe everything about life is a constant miracle and everything is impermanent.

For one reason or another something prompts me to want to snap of image and keep the essence of that miracle for more than the moment. Truth lies in the awareness that even though the miracle of that moment is fleeting and now gone, the next moment is full of miracles and infinite possibilities as long as we stay open to see them.

Check in every now and then to see what I have added to my photos. As I build GPI, I will put images of miracles here for you to enjoy.


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