Peace Gardens

“This lot used to be the worst lot in the neighborhood. Now it’s the most beautiful. People don’t dump her anymore, they stand here and admire how nice the Peace Garden is...”

Jetur Johnson, Environmental Health Speicalist, Housing and Neighborhood Health, Marion County Health Department, Indianapolis, Indiana

Peace Hikes

“Wow…..the mother turtle and the egg in the hole…that’s fantastic. It’s going down in my record book as the Best Hike Ever!!”

Joyce Hall ProCaM, Inc.

“When we go home after a Peace Hike and eat dinner, we say grace for the food and for our Peace Hike. A Peace Hike is a beautiful thing.”

Harriet Clare

Peace Workshops

“The workshop absolutely helped in leading me to move my body through yoga focusing on breath and movement. Naturally aligning my body through this process of yoga no doubt helped me to internalize how finding peace within myself will help me to reflect that peace onto others I encounter daily.”

“I want more opportunities to be with "like minds" in this way. Thank you for the service you provide of helping others find their inner peace and guiding us all on how to spread that love to the rest of person at a time...”

“It was totally unexected and very much appreciated. The experience of becoming peaceful in my body brought home the concept of being a person of peace. Well done!”

Being People of Peace workshop participants

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