The Texans are coming and they want to make big impact. Alternative Spring Breaks where service is the mission are becoming more important to some university students than tanning on a beach. Students and faculty from Southern Methodist University, which is located in Dallas, Texas are traveling to Indianapolis March 11-15, 2013 to provide a week of backbone to the community redevelopment project.

Peaceful Grounds is a comprehensive community redevelopment project located in suburban Southport, Indiana. Once a heavy industrial concrete plant, the facility is located in the middle of a quiet residential community of Southport, which is one of the unincorporated areas of Indianapolis. The Peaceful Grounds location sat empty for 10 years and finally was given to the City of Southport as a gift from the private owner.

With a long term lease in hand, Global Peace Initiatives is working with volunteers to redevelop the project, one volunteer at a time. The overall plan for the facility includes a demonstration farm for organic urban agriculture, a training facility for intensive agriculture, a working farm, craft arts, farmer's market and eventually a cafe. Peaceful Grounds Center for Agriculture and Sustainable Living opened in March 2012. This unique project will be the target of the SMU servant leaders, who intend to make capacity fulfilling enhancements toward the development of the farmer's market. Peaceful Grounds Farmer's Market is scheduled to open in late April on Sundays from Noon to 3:00 pm.

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