Global Peace Initiatives is a part of Food Con III at the Harrison Center for the Arts. Food Con is a collaboration of the Harrison Center for the Arts and Butler University’s Center for Urban Ecology. Global Peace Initiatives will feature the art of recycling for use in your home gardens. Our reuse of windows to create decorative cold frames will keep you in fresh herbs all winter long. 

FoodCon III, is an unconventional convention celebrating the art and culture of food in Indiana. Participating artists include Maren Bell, whose two-part show Urban Gardens will include both paintings and an interactive mural that invites viewers to create urban green spaces on a large scale city skyline. City Gallery will feature Civic Food - new work by Carolyn Springer. Also exhibiting: Holly Childress and Erica Cunningham.

In the courtyard, enthusiasts from a wide variety of organizations involved in the local food movement will circle up to provide a feast of information about community supported agriculture, beekeeping, urban farming, animal husbandry, cooperative groceries and much more. In Gallery No. 2, participants can view photographs of Indiana chefs, farmers, entrepreneurs and other figures who are making this an exciting time in Indiana food. Attendees can add to the statewide map of Indiana food stars, write a six-word story about Indiana food and purchase a copy of Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest.

Global Peace Initiatives latest initiative is Peaceful Grounds, which serves as a community development project being developed one volunteer at a time. Some of the creativity shown at the Harrison Center for the Arts this evening have been developed at Peaceful Grounds. As a regional training center for Will Allen's Growing Power, Peaceful Grounds Center for Agriculture and Sustainable Living serves as the most accessible hub for learning about urban agriculture and sustainability techniques in Central Indiana.

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