August is the time of year that first year university students go through new student orientations. Part of what we help the universities do is provide a service learning experience that allows rich content for student reflections.

This past week Butler University, Marian University and the University of Indianapolis (UIndy) all came out to Peaceful Grounds and helped unpack from our recent move. Several aspects of our operations received their attention and helped students gain an awareness for how much they can accomplish when they work together. Their effort brought us one step closer to regular public hours at Peaceful Grounds on Saturday mornings between 9:00am to 3:00pm. Public hours will begin on Saturday September 7. During public hours, volunteer orientation will take place at 9:00am followed by a round of farm activities; including Animal Farm, Worm Farm and Peace Garden tending.

Animal Farm is a perfect way to know more about livestock before you decide to have that backyard chicken. Worm Farm will teach you about vermicompost, which is the most fertile soil possible. Peace Gardening tending is a way to see a garden in action and know how to plant, manage and harvest fresh food from the garden.

In the last five days four groups of over 300 university students volunteered at Peaceful Grounds and through their service, learned more about hunger prevention through gardening as well as ways to garden more safely in the urban environment.

Peaceful Grounds Farm and Arts Market will re-open at our new home in the Marion County Fairgrounds June 1, 2014.

Peaceful Grounds Farm and Arts Market is the newest best market in Central Indiana magnificently featured at the Marion County Fairgrounds.

Opening weekend we will feature our soil supplements and plants.

There is always plenty of room for another vendor at the fairgrounds

The Marion County Fairgrounds is located off the Southeastern Avenue Exit which is located at the intersection of I-465E and I-74 E. The Farm and Arts Market will be open Sundays from Noon to 4:00pm.

Find the location by using this address:

7300 Troy Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46239

We will be using Gate 5 off Fisher Road (on the east side) for Vendor Entry and Gate 4 for the general Public Entry - also off Fisher Road on the east side, north of Troy.

The vendor fee will be $25 market day. Seasonal pricing is available for a discounted fee.

Food vendors must pre-register.

Art vendors can just show up.


During the Summer and Fall we will be outdoors unless it rains. Then we will move inside one of the spacious fairground buildings. Vendors should be prepared during the summer and fall to provide their own tables and tents. Some tables will be available for a small rental fee from Peaceful Grounds Farm and Arts Market. First come first serve availability.


Write us for the vendor application at:

or call (317) 222-1556

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