Global Peace Initiatives was incorporated in January 2006.

Global Peace Initiatives mission is to create transformational opportunities for individuals and communities through food growing and service initiatives that promote sustainability and peace.

Our founding program was the Peace Hike, where we walk and see the beauty. Through our core program, the Peace Garden Initiative, we grow food to feed the hungry and inspire a league of volunteers to propagate loving kindness and compassion for people in need. Our new facility,Peaceful Grounds Cafe and Farm Market is a community development project in Southport, Indiana that is being brought to life by our volunteers one step at a time, one gift after another. We reconnect program participants to the earth and heighten their awareness for sustainability and the abundance that is at our disposal if we cultivate the world around us. We inspire their ability to create through service, because service is the highest form of peacemaking. Our initiatives create places where the values of being peaceful people come to life.

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