Peaceful Grounds Demonstration Farm is located at the Marion County Fairgrounds off Fisher Road.

After Global Peace Initiatives created 46 Peace Gardens in six years in Indianapolis, we knew soil quality, gardening techniques and food and nutrition education were serious issues for people in our city to address. We also knew that the development of locally sourced food and sustainable food systems should be a high priority for our future food security. We sought out the expertise of Milwaukee's Growing Power and their founder Will Allen to learn more. A plan five years in the making , we developed the Peaceful Grounds Center for Agriculture and Sustainable Living. Located within the Center is Peaceful Grounds demonstration farm, which serves as a place where we teach, learn and strive to address these community needs.

There are several ways to visit Peaceful Grounds Farm.

FIRST, you must be scheduled to visit the demonstration farm. Call (317) 222-1556 or write to schedule.

TOURS: Farm tours are provided to the general public for $10 on Sunday during the Farm and Arts Market. The farm tour includes a walk through of Worm Central, where our vermicompost is sorted to create our premier soil supplements and the demonstration farm. The demonstration farm features, laying hens, a high tunnel for year round growing, solar and wind power collection systems, a 2000 gallon aquaponics systems, microgreens, herb and vegetable production and various aged worm colony wind rows.

GROUP TOURS: Farm tours for a group can be scheduled. We provide tours to the young and senior among us. Group tours are $5 per person, 10 person minimum. Children's groups must be supervised by accompanying adults and parents must pre-sign a liability waiver that their child brings to the tour.

VOLUNTEER: A work in progress, the Peaceful Grounds Demonstration Farm is developed completely through volunteer power. You can help.

Farm Volunteers are our students and teachers. Daily volunteers are cultivated through our Saturday morning Volunteer Orientation, which operates Saturday mornings 9:00am to Noon. In special circumstances, weekday orientation can be arranged. Reservations for Volunteer Training are required. Call (317) 222-1556;  9:00am - 5:00pm or write

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