When people visit Peaceful Grounds, there are usually volunteers working. We have been really fortunate to have so much service from local universities, especially from the University of Indianapolis or UIndy. Marianna Foulkrod, Instructor of the "Social Problems" class has a solution based activity that is helping her students learn more about hunger prevention. The students enrolled in the class show up at Peaceful Grounds twice weekly. The energy they have put into the facility has help reclaim the property from enormous overgrowth, removed danger from the once abandon facility and build a robust worm farm.

When the UIndy students started they liked being outdoors. Then they began to take personal ownership for the effort, by showing up early or coming in to help on alternate days. With a commitment of 42 volunteer hours some already have double that number and another month of class ahead of them.

When people visit Peaceful Grounds several things amaze them. The vision of the overall initiative and the vast landscape impress, but the energy and enthusiasm of our volunteers is hands down the most impressive. When they are working, there is a quiet across the four acres, but a lot of activity. Everyday at Peaceful Grounds something wonderful happens. The people who show up, make that goodness - that peace happen. Right on!

We are proud of our new website look and hope the information on the website helps to share the stories about the impact Global Peace Initiatives is having on the communities we serve.

Stay tuned for new bloggers who are going to help us build a community of communicators related to our activities and gardening efforts to feed the hungry. The numbers of people stepping to help Global Peace Initiatives over the next year are amazing, including Chris Kosovich who has donated the services of Kosovich Media and helped us migrate our web page onto this new open source platform. This mechanism will empower many people to share news on behalf of Global Peace Initiatives.

Today is such a nice day in Indianapolis. 50 degrees and I feel like landscaping. In fact, I want to create a little order around the GPI compound and prepare some beds while the ground is soft and moist. If you are starting a new garden this year choose your footprint and turn the sod. In the event you want to kill the sod without turning it, place cardboard and fine mulch over the area of your bed and by spring effortlessly the sod will be soil ready to turn. Stay turned to more Peace Garden tips.

Much Peace,

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